Making Good Jewelry Even Better...Remaking an Boring Piece for Etsy

The Remade Piece, a real showstopper and a more cutting edge design!

Left is pictured another example of a piece of jewelry that just wasn't doing well on a word, it was BORING. It was simple and elegant, but not unlike many thousands of other pieces offered by other sellers for much less.

So, back to the drawing board, I took it apart and redesigned the cocktail length into a more choker or bib type, then added the graduated pieces as charms instead of to the single length.
Back to the Design Drawing Board!
Here is the necklace placed on the form for adding the final wire wrapped shell drops, having the necklace on the form helps you judge length and fullness of your dandle drop charm design, as well as making it easier to see if you are getting the design even on both sides.

Balance is all important in designing a necklace like this, if you put too many pieces on one side, it may look OK, but the necklace will be constantly sifting to the heavier side, making of a very unhappy wearing experience.
The finished design, beautiful!

A matching charm bracelet!
Since I had some extra components laying around I thought I would add a matching bracelet and set of earrings to complete the look

After all, this is a very original and unique piece, it would be very hard to accessorize and you may loose a sale because a customer has nothing to wear with it to coordinate.

I always list my matching components separately so they are an option and may very well be and extra sale, this way the customer has choice and I have more variety and options in my listings.

And... of course, earrings!
If you have a piece that isn't moving and is looking rather dated, rewriting the description and tags as well as re listing helps, but sometimes you just have to admit this piece is just going no where and it has to be redone.

You also will have learned a thing or two about making jewelry and the latest trends, so don't be afraid to give that old piece a new shine by taking it apart and giving it a new lease on life!

By the way, this new piece is offered in my Etsy shop HERE, along with the matching bracelet and earrings.

Here is another necklace I remade earlier this year, the article on rebuilding it is HERE.

The Hot Mess Itself - Bow Wow!


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