She Blinded me with Science Wire Wrapped Necklace Blue Bead Pendant Jewelry

 She Blinded me with Science! I guess you can now say I have gone nuts for wire wrapping! This is my crowning achievement, lots of gold tone copper wire spiraling all over the place and my favorite Big Blue wood Bead!

The listing for this necklace is in my Etsy shop HERE.

I include the description below if you are so inclined......

40mm Beautiful, Wire Wrapped Wood Blue Bead pendant suspended from a leather 18" necklace. Two Sea Glass, copper lined rectangle and two foil lined amber oval beads accent this piece. It also features a solid gold tone toggle clasp that adds both security and good looks!

I call this "She Blinded Me With Science" because the song was playing in my head as I made it. It reminded me of those old Frankenstien movies with all those crazy electrical gadgets arching in the back round. It's a nice sunny beach look for the more progressive beach types. This necklace can go Steampunk, or Geekery too!

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