Tribal Coyote Tooth Necklace Carved Conch Sea Shell Pendant Ethnic Jewelry with Turquoise

Here is a Dream Inspired Ethnic Tribal Native American Tribal Coyote Tooth necklace featuring a Carved Conch Shell Coyote Claw pendant from Doyle.

This piece has it all...Mother of Pearl multi colored Heishi, Mother of Pearl tube and chip beads combine in interesting free flowing layers to give a truly ancient tribal feel to the piece.

Doyle woke up one morning and without so much as a word or breakfast, made himself and cup of coffee and went straight away to his outside bench next to the Black river and began to carve this beautiful dream inspired Conch pendant.

After he finished it I knew right away how the necklace that framed it would look and it all came together as if special ordered directly from the past. our work is easy when we can be whispered to by peoples who want their creations reborn to be worn again in this time, all we have to do is Keep a Clean Heart and a Right Spirit and the ideas spring forth unbidden.

We are proud to be able to offer this fine Regalia Necklace on our Etsy site and the link to see it if you are so inclined is HERE

I include the listing verbiage below for your perusal also, if you have any questions about the piece you can contact us through the Etsy Shop.

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Tribal Coyote Tooth Necklace Hand Carved Conch Coyote Claw Sea Shell Pendant Ethnic Jewelry with Turquoise accents. Native American Indian style pendant 22" necklace large, 60mm round. Beautiful, creamy pink marble Coyote Claw conch pendant with graduated Coyote teeth and chunky turquoise nuggets with Mother of Pearl Heishi.

This is a dream inspired Original Creation by Doyle.

The pendant is outlined with several strands of Mother of Pearl Chip beads and pipe beads as well as nugget turquoise for an even earthier look and feel. This is the ultimate Powwow Medallion as well as being well suited for Historical Reenactors and persons who appreciate the Ancient Arts..a beautiful Primitive Pre-Columbian collector or museum piece.

It also features a solid copper toggle clasp that adds both security.

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