Tribal Buffalo Bison Tooth Necklace Tribal Chief's Collar Ethnic Jewelry with Turquoise

Sold Buffalo Tooth Necklace
 I created a beautiful Chieftan Collar from Buffalo Bison Teeth in July of this year that was not only well received, it recently sold leaving a big hole in my heart and jewelry case.

Not to worry, I had some beads set by and some white teeth that I also had also seen in my dreams so I stayed up all night to create my second Buffalo tooth necklace, I only hope it hangs around long enough to enjoy for a while!

I had some marvelous Graduated Turquoise I had found in an Old Traders shop this summer  and some lovely original Baby Chief trade beads that just cried out to be included in this necklace, (at 2am, thank goodness I keep a notebook by the bed!).

I love the cool colors in contrast to the previous necklace, this one would look lovely on a Ladies neck, as well as a mans!

The Turquoise Nugget necklace is free floating in the center for added motion and appeal.

The Mother of Pearl heishi beads are the finest quality!

I finished it off with some Hill tribe silver beads at the large pewter clasp to really mix up the tribal design. The listing for this quality tribal collar is HERE. I include the description of the listing below for your perusal.
Tribal Buffalo Bison Tooth Necklace Tribal Chief's Collar Ethnic Jewelry with Turquoise. Native American Indian style 24" necklace large, 12-22mm round rondelle turquoise graduated beads. Beautiful Pre-Columbian Collector Museum Piece. Large Primitive American Indian Native Style with Mother of Pearl Heishi and Original Baby Chief trade beads and Turquoise nuggets.

This Beautiful, Chiefs Grade Collar was Dream and Vision inspired. I kept seeing this piece in my dreams and it took several years of collecting the right materials at the right time from the right people to bring it to fruition.

Conch and Whelk Shell and Buffalo Teeth are considered Spiritual Objects by all Peoples around the World. They have been also used as Money and Signs of High Rank in Primitive Society. This is the Ultimate Chieftan Powwow Collar as well as being well suited for Historical Reenactors and Persons who appreciate the Ancient Arts..

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