Creating a Unique Floral Design Wire Crochet Statement Necklace

This floral design one of a kind wire crochet statement necklace was all my Husbands fault. Bless his heart!

I sent him to the store to get me more 28 gauge silver jewelry wire to finish a the pearl and shell necklace I was finishing up. When he came home he was like a Kid with a bunch of wilted picked posies behind his back with the anouncement, "Look what I Found!"

To anyone who knows my husband, this could be anything from a dead porcupine to a bag full of money, which would be presented just as enthusiastically in either case.

 I cautiously accepted the now outstretched twisted up bag and found to my pleasant surprise it was full of color coated copper wire.

I had never worked with this before so I was a bit puzzled as to what could be done with it, but after a few minutes I realized that with forty years of crochet under my belt I shouldn't have any problem figuring out what to do with this new found plunder.

 I did a search or two for wire crochet jewelry and was a bit surprised that there was a lot of crochet jewelry being made with wire but it was not exactly evenly done, I gather the style is to crochet it loosely with a bead or two woven in here or there.

That wouldn't do for me so I just strung up some beads on a wire and began crocheting as I have always done, keeping gauge and tension in mind as with any piece I would do.

 Being practical also, I could see there would be problems with the wire necklace holding it's shape so I topped it off with a nice leather cord around the top to stabilize it and add a bit of comfort to the wearer who doesn't like the feeling of a wire snare around their neck.

The flower was a good deal of fun, I just used the usual flower pattern for any quilt or throw you would crochet normally and used a bunch of wired beads for the center. I then wire wrapped a couple of leaf looking beads from the Ole Bead Stash, tacked them on and Voila! My first wire crochet necklace!

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HERE is the link to the actual listing if you are interested in purchasing this necklace and the description from my Etsy ad is below.

Colorful wire floral crochet designer necklace. Fire red, gold and copper wire combine to create this unique statement elegant yet bold choker collar necklace. Colorful accent beads add color and subtle flair and is topped with black leather crochet cord for added comfort and stability.

Leather and Lace combine in the wire crochet floral creation. The leather cord provides stability and comfort, keeping the wire crochet snugly in place. The coated colored copper wire is tarnish proof and the brilliant reflective color ranges from firey red and fuchsia, then shifts from copper and woven in colorful beads to shimmering golden tones that looks like fine lace but is much more stable. The delicate looking center floral pendant is strongly crocheted and woven to keep it's shape wear after wear for years on end and still look great!

The 16.5" Choker Necklace is closed by a leather cord with blue accent beads that tie simply at the back and holds securely.  This is the latest fashion look with a floral twist!

This necklace is also easy to clean, just place it under gently running cold water for a few seconds and lay flat to dry on an absorbent surface such as a towel to refresh and renew its glow!

This unique fashion statement can be worn with jeans and a crop top or with that lovely black evening sheath with equal grace and appeal.

I love to make custom jewelry that reflects my Clients tastes and desires, let me design an original piece for you today!

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NOTE: Some unscrupulous sellers on the net are using seller photos and listings from etsy on other sites claiming to be the makers and offering to make this item custom for you. Alibaba is notorious for doing this as well as many other sites.

Pearls center added on top and rest of purchased wired pendant used as backing.
While I have no objection to anyone using my processes to make jewelry similar to mine, (or I wouldn't post the tutorial), stealing pictures, descriptions and posting them as "ME" is wrong.

Always make sure if you are on a site that you are dealing with the REAL artist. Drop them a note, start a conversation and if it doesn't feel right or the price is extremely low, you are probably not dealing with the original Artisan.

Real designer jewelry costs real money. I back every piece I sell, if for any reason you need repairs or are unhappy with a purchase, I will GLADLY do whatever I can to make it right.

My reputation is worth more to me than any money I could ever make on a sale.

My jewelry is handmade and I sell no where else but Etsy.

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