My First Etsy Sale, Custom Jewelry Order based on Poem "Shelley Beach" by Margaret Scot

The finished result! Lovely!

Work in Progress
 I am sooo excited, i just made my first sale on Etsy and it was not only a custom order but an international one at that!

I really had to put my creative cap on for this one, I had to interpret a poem by Margaret Scott, famous Tasmanian Poet who wrote a wonderful poem about the beach, her poem is available to read HERE.

I really related to this poem as my favorite hours are spent on the beach so it was not to difficult to put something together that expressed my love of beach combing.

Happily, my Client agreed with my interpretation and happily spent the money to receive this gift from the sea!

I could never have done this without the support of my Etsy Teams and other Etsy Artisans who encouraged me to keep working and not be discouraged if I didn't have immediate success.

Below is the listing put forth and you can see the actual listing HERE.

Moral of the story? Keep believing in yourself, accept Custom orders and ship international. Don't ever give up, even if you end up burning the midnight oil, as I did on this piece!

 Custom Order 16mm Mother of pearl nugget beads, 12-20mm luster mix Reborn Keshi freshwater pearls, Natural Tiger's Eye Slipper Gemstone Bead Pendant, 20mm glass pendant bead, Abalone Shell from Mexico, recycled sea glass beads combine in this one of a kind hand crochet Choker Necklace in tribute to a poem titled a "Shelley Beach" by Margaret Scott.

Warm, Fresh and Romantic, this is your colorful, playfully yet elegant nautical beach wear necklace that will set you apart. The Mother of Pearl nugget beads shimmer in the sunlight and the iridescent abalone shells give a lovely and interesting appeal. The recycled sea glass beads add depth and the reflection of the ocean.

This is my first custom order and it was a tremendous challenge making something from a beautiful poem. I have just started to work in quality Freshwater pearls combined with crochet ribbon and the results have surprised even me at the romantic soft look the two combined create.

I would be more than happy to create just such a necklace for you at any time, just let me know your requirements and I will draw up a proposal to suit your needs! This order was given a special discount and any future custom orders will be at the regular price.

The Choker Necklace is 18".

We now Cheerfully Ship Internationally, message me and we will figure your exact postage! Any additional shipping fees or customs charges will be the purchasers responsibility.

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