Mother of Pearl Designer Necklace Choker Abalone Unique Statement Necklace

This is the third in my limited series of Designer Chokers featuring crochet cord, sea shell and gemstone natural elements combined to create earthy, natural casual ready to wear unique fashion that can be worn either with your business suit or your summer beach wear with equal grace and appeal.

Designer mother of pearl necklace choker abalone unique statement necklace. Chunky mother of pearl sea shell beads, with abalone paua in pearl, purple pink blue, sea foam jade accent beads add color and subtle flair.

Driftwood colored waxed crochet cord adds color, texture and stability, keeping the individual elements snugly in place while allowing limited, flowing movement reflecting the natural hue of colors of the abalone shell that shifts from electric blue to purple and then to shimmering red and green tones.

The 16.5" Choker Necklace is strongly clasped with a antique bronze tone lobster claw clasp that adds both security and today's latest fashion Look.

This necklace is also easy to clean, just place it under gently running cold water for a few seconds and lay flat to dry on an absorbent surface such as a towel to refresh and renew its glow!

This season, it is all about mixing textiles and natural reclaimed elements to show you have a relationship with the planet you live on but with a practiced eye to fashion forward. This necklace has it all and more! Even more so is the trend towards individualizing jewelry so that it directly reflects the wearers feelings, with just a few added personal charms this necklace can be YOUR DESIGN.

I will be glad to customize this necklace with personal charms or any way you need it to make it more your own personal taste or design a special necklace just for you! I have already done so for a customer in Tasmania, here is the listing for this item,

it just goes to show that this design is easily transformed into any combination of personalization for any woman's sense of fashion! I love to make custom jewelry that reflects my Clients tastes and desires, let me design an original piece for you today!

This necklace is available in my Etsy Shop HERE.

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