From Zero to Hero, Remaking a Sea Glass Tropical Choker Mother of Pearl Stick Beads Choker That Just Didin't Quite Cut It!

Sometimes you just have to admit defeat on a project and start over. From scratch. The necklace in the picture below was a case in point.

Sure, it looked good in theory but I made the mistake of wearing it for a day at the beach and it flopped all over the place and looked awful. I hate to admit it, being of an Artist temperament and all, but this one was a dog in practice.

The Hot Mess Itself - Bow Wow!
But what to do? It took me all of several months to come up with a design that would hold such necklaces in place properly, (I do love my bead fringes and dangle drops), but they are generally a pain in the butt to wear and not have them turn into a hot mess after a few minutes of wear.

I started by rethinking what was needed to hold elements in place, crochet seemed obvious but how to integrate two strands into the third crochet strand?

Well, I'm not giving up my secrets here, it took me many days of agonizing experiments to come up with something that would do the trick and still look good.

I've decide to make an entire line of this type of choker jewelry because it's design is authentic and new. It's just for those Gals who love their dangle beads and fringe look but don't want things sticking out all over the place at odd angles just because you bent over or breathed.

The moral of all this is: Even if you have an item in your shop that has been up for months, don't be afraid to remake it into something new. I have done this with several of my pieces now, they are being favorited left and right and soon i expect some sales to discriminating buyers who know quality and a glad to pay for it.

Anyway, here is the relisting for those interested below the link to this necklace choker in my Esty shop is HERE.

New and Fresh, No More Flopping!
Blue sea glass tropical beach choker necklace hand carved chunky creamy beige conch shell and coral pink, banana yellow mother of pearl, MOP, stick beads. Features blue sea glass beads with lime green and yellow striped glass trade bead spacers for a unique unusual modern look.

The salmon pink silky crochet ribbon Influence adds color, texture and stability, keeping the individual elements snugly in place while allowing limited, flowing movement while reflecting the natural hue of colors of the mother of pearl stick beads.

This is your colorful, lovely, edgy, buttery smooth candy necklace beach wear choker that will set you apart and show you have a unique sea side style all your own! Perfect for those flip flop shopping trips, sunny beach picnics and coffee house gatherings.

The necklace can be easily refreshed by holding under gently running cool water and then laid out on an absorbent surface to dry.

The Necklace is 20".
The Conch Beads range from 22mm, (largest Center Bead) to 15mm.
Aqua Glass Disc beads are 20mm
Hot Coral Pink and Banana Yellow Stick Beads are approx 20mm

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