Creating a Pre Contact Elk Hide Sock Monkey Just For Fun! Or...Finding The Missing Link

Paleo Sock Monkey Surveys his strange modern surroundings
One Armed Monkey with a blank stare
Not all Historical Projects have to be serious, sometimes a little irreverence can be good for you and that's just what this project is, a light look at what a Pre Contact Sock Monkey may have looked like.

My Son David and his Lovely Lady Jennifer were coming to visit and they have a small collection of sock monkeys that we consider family. Since Jennifer had never met me before, I wanted to get across to her just what it is that I do, without spending hours showing her piles and reams of paperwork research and generally boring the hell out of her.

I have made a few genuine sock monkeys in my time so it wasn't too hard to cut out the pattern, but darned if it didn't take just as long to hand sew, stuff and adorn as a real sized dress!

Note the Perfect Solstace Sun Calendar Shell Pendant!
All Thanks to my Husband who went outside and fabricated an authentic Shell Tipped Spear for  "Linky", (Referring to him being the "Missing Link"), and the Beady Shell eyes, hammering out copper arm band, (I love this man!) and actually carving a shell pendant for him!

Naked Monkey!

It was hard to let him go home with Dave and Jen, but that's the way raising Kids is, they belong to the future and you just have to let them go on to their own lives!

Paleo Sock Monkey Patiently Awaits the Dawn of Civilization
If you want to make a sock monkey using the traditional patterns here is a great link for getting it right!

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