Making a Pre Contact Medicine Star Conch Shell Gorget Pendant

Here is Doyle Creating a Hand Carved New Conch Shell Pendant Ancient Late Mississippian Era 1350-1500ad.

 First he draws the pattern

Then he hand carves the initial design in relief.
Here he is doing the finishing cuts and polish before he hand wet sands the piece

Then It's my turn, I select the beads and lay out the optimal design, for this choker, I chose Conch Beads and Turquoise Nuggets to set off the design, as well as Authentic Terra Cotta Chief Trade Beads to add to its loveliness.

And here is the result, Beautiful!

Here is the final etsy listing:

Large, Round, Star Shaped 70mm Hand Carved Conch Sea Shell Choker Necklace Pendant Ancient Late Mississippian Era 1350-1500ad. Beautiful, Creamy Pink Marble Conch with Carved Conch Graduated Rondelle Center Beads and Chunky Turquoise Nuggets. Included in the strand are Genuine Terra Cotta Chief Trade Beads for added appeal and contrast. The Sea Blue Southwestern Influence adds color and texture. This is a Visually Mesmerizing with its 3 dimensional steps and terraces, much like the Ancient Temples that influences its design.

As an added Bonus, the Pendant can easily be removed to become more casual Beach Choker so it's Two Necklaces in One! The Necklace is strongly clasped with a Silver tone Steam Punk Clasp that adds both security and today's latest fashion Look. This choker will come with its own wooden glass topped gift box for attractive display between outings.

We Recreate These Timeless Treasures to Bring Back to Life the Unique and Beautiful Adornments worn by Ancient Peoples and normally only seen in Natural History Museums.

This is a Based on a Mississippian Era Pendant found in the Ancient Temple Mounds, Kaufmann Island, Lake kerr, Fort Caroline National Memorial, Jacksonville, Florida. The picture of the original is included. Only a Person of Great Importance would have owned such a piece and it was believed to have great powers it bestowed on the Person who wore it. It symbolizes the Very Spirit of The Ancients!

Doyle has worked for several days on this pendant and is now ready to let it go to just the right person who will appreciate the symbolism and strength of this piece, as well as all the hard work and concentration it took to create it.

This Pendant is outlined and hung on a 14" Chunky Conch Shell and Nugget Turquoise Choker necklace for an even Earthier Look and Feel. This is the Ultimate Surfer Beach Medallion as well as being well suited for Historical Reenactors and Persons who appreciate the Ancient Arts..

This Necklace was made from Conch Shells Hand Collected by my Husband and Myself, my Husband cut the Pendant from the Heart of the Conch Shell, He then Shaped and Hand Polished it to Perfection. I then used my skills to Select the Design and Create this One of a Kind Jewelry made from All Natural Materials and Built to Last Generations.

Conch and Whelk Shell are considered Spiritual Objects by all Peoples around the World. They have been also used as Money and Signs of High Rank in Primitive Society.

I like to think these Gifts from the Sea Connect with You and Radiate Your Good Feelings Back Out to the Universe. They certainly do have a Grounded, Earthy Feeling that cannot be shown with pictures or described with words. They are very hard to take off or put down.

I Hope This Necklace and Earrings Set brings you all the Goodness in this Life You Need, and my Best Wishes Go With Them to You.

here is the original piece found in the Temple mounds, you can see this listing HERE.

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