Large Primitive Carved Conch Shell Dream Catcher Pendant Necklace

During recent documentation and research Doyle found a connection between these large circular design Gorget Pendants and Dream Catchers.
The Spider played a vital role in Native American Culture, symbolizing mystical powers of being able to weave its web overnight as if by magic and the symbolism of its Eternal Circle beautifully woven, durably built and yet ultimately practical in catching its prey. It is thought that the original Native Cross was modified from an original spider design. below is the Etsy listing copy for this one of a kind Pendant Gorget and the actual listing can be found HERE.

Large Hand Carved Conch Sea Shell Dream Catcher Necklace Pendant 95mm Ancient Mississippian Spider Web Dream Catcher Symbol. Beautiful, Creamy Pink Marble Color on one side, Pastel Orange and Purple Lavender on the other. It's translucence is mesmerizing, its Pattern Engaging. These are Translucent Visual Stunners, it actually seems to be spinning as you look at it, even more so when it is worn and in movement.

This is a Based on a Mississippian Era Pendant found in the Ancient Temple Mounds of Illinois. The picture of the original is included. Only a Person of Great Importance would have owned such a piece and it was believed to have great powers it bestowed on the Person who wore it.

It symbolizes the Perfect web of a Spider which is represented by the cross at the center of the wheel. It is thought to have been a Personal Dream Catcher, much like the small wood and fiber ones made to hang from Native Children's Cradle Boards only this one is for Adults and carries the power associated with such. Dream Catchers were made to catch good and bad feelings in the web, filter them out and pass on the positive directly to the heart of the wearer through the cross in the center.

You can see an another excellent example of this pendant in my other listing of a whirlwind Pendant and the original documentation picture of the Temple Mound Archeological Find at:

We Recreate These Timeless Treasures to Bring Back to Life the Unique and Beautiful Adornments worn by Ancient Peoples and normally only seen in Natural History Museums.

Doyle has worked for several days on this pendant and is now ready to let it go to just the right person who will appreciate the symbolism and strength of this piece, as well as all the hard work and concentration it took to create it.

This Pendant is outlined and hung on a 24" Cotton Crochet necklace for an even Windswept Driftwood Beach Feel. This is the Ultimate Surfer Medallion as well as being well suited for Historical Reenactors and others who wish to embrace the Spirit of the Ancient Elders.

This Necklace was made from Conch Shells Hand Collected by my Husband and Myself, my Husband cut the Pendant from the Heart of the Conch Shell, He then Shaped and Hand Polished it to Perfection. I then used my skills to Select the Design and Create this One of a Kind Jewelry made from All Natural Materials and Built to Last Generations.

Conch and Whelk Shell are considered Spiritual Objects by all Peoples around the World. They have been also used as Money and Signs of High Rank in Primitive Society.

I like to think these Gifts from the Sea Connect with You and Radiate Your Good Feelings Back Out to the Universe. They certainly do have a Grounded, Earthy Feeling that cannot be shown with pictures or described with words. They are very hard to take off or put down.

I Hope This Necklace and Earrings Set brings you all the Goodness in this Life You Need, and my Best Wishes Go With Them to You.

We will now ship Internationally and welcome shipping inquiries! 

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