Wire Wrapping Jewelry Mania!

Hand Made Wire Wrapped Drops!
I've been obsessed the last few days watching wire wrapped jewelry tutorials on YouTube, I just felt I wasn't getting my sense of style and flair with the jewelry I was making.

I wanted Edgy, Classical, and Modern and Beach Comber Treasure all wrapped up together and I think I have finally found my groove!

Wire wrapping is soooo much fun, you just start making drops and bails from all the materials you have laying around and you get this wonderful, wind chime, sun catcher charm bracelet thing going on.

This was my first attempt at making wire jewelry and I am actually planning to go through every piece I have made to see how I can embellish it!

I will remember to take pictures of my next project so you can all follow step by step what I am doing.

Necklace Before...Ho Hummmmm
Soon You will be a Wire Wrap Maniac Too!

Next I want to try some Pendant Bail and wire wrapping Pendants, stay tuned!
Wire Jewelry tools

Antique Brass Wire Pins
The tools are simple, round nose pliers, needle nose pliers and a pair of metal nippers are all it really takes, besides lots of patience and a little time.

Then you just buy some metal pins or a spool of wire stock and start crafting!

If you want to watch the videos I did they are available at Aunties Beads.

If you want to explore materials, click on the photos to the left and it will take you to the Etsy Source for these items.

This necklace is also for sale in my Etsy shop here.
How Wonderful!

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