Large Hand Carved Whelk Conch Shell Pendant

Large Hand Carved Whelk Conch Shell Pendant 78mm Ancient Mississippian World Symbol. Beautiful, Creamy Pink Marble Color. It's translucence is mesmerizing, much like a large agate. This is a Visual Stunner, it actually seems to be spinning as you look at it, even more so when it is worn and in movement.

This is a Based on a Mississippian Era Pendant found in the Ancient Temple Mounds of Illinois. The picture of the original is included. Only a Person of Great Importance would have owned such a piece and it was believed to have great powers it bestowed on the Person who wore it.  It symbolizes the Very Spirit of The Ancients!

A shell pendant such as this is extremely difficult to carve without breaking the shell, especially when it is a hand collected specimen from a Florida Atlantic Beach and not a Factory prepared shell blank from cultured shell stock.

Doyle has worked for several days on this pendant and is now ready to let it go to just the right person who will appreciate the symbolism and strength of this piece, as well as all the hard work and concentration it took to create it. You can see this Pendant in Our etsy Shop here.
Beautiful , Creamy Pink Marble Color
The Back Side Is Equally Beautiful!

A Stunning Piece!

Ancient Pendant This Piece is Based On

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