Hand Carved Conch Shell Walking Wind Medicine Pendant

Hand Carved Whelk Conch Shell Walking Wind Medicine 58mm Pendant. Creamy Brown Marbled Translucent Medicine Wheel Pendant has the Curved Spokes that represent the Four Winds and has naturally occurring Feet to go on Walkabout.

Rugged, yet Elemental, the Medicine Wheel is carved deeply in relief on this one, revealing a lighter inner layer of shell, releasing its Good Energy to the Four Winds and making it even more beautiful to admire and hold.

Bright light reveals a creamy brown marbling that resembles fine agate.

For being a medium 58mm Pendant, it would be suitable for a Man or Woman who wants to express their Respect for Traditional Medicine and Tribal Peoples.

A Black Leather Cord with Conch shell toggle clasp will be included with this pendant and can be custom sized at time of purchase.

This Pendant is available in our etsy shop here.

Striking In The Sun
Creamy Translucent Marbling
Rugged, yet Elemental
Even The Back of the piece looks Good!

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