Cosmic Galaxy Shell Macrame Choker Necklace

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Here's a fun project I just had to try, I used to make Macrame Necklaces back in Sixties, they were all the rage! Especially popular were Choker necklaces with some sort of macrame wrapped pendant.

This necklace goes all the way with a Carved Conch  Pendant that I likened to a Comet, (or perhaps a weird Sea Creature), Doyle won the toss when he agreed it looked more like a Meteor.

The Macrame choker is going to be the base of many a future project, it's a simple design that I found drapes very well and has a unique look all its own! I love using industrial Findings for the closure instead of the usual knotted or buttoned clasp, it gives it a more modern edgy take!

This necklace is available in my Etsy Shop here.

 Cosmic Galaxy Asymmetrical Comet Tail Choker with Streaming Copper Bead Tail and Beautiful Blue Green Beach Glass Peek-a-boo Dangle Bead. Catch the New Wave In Summer Fashion Beach Wear!

Hand Crochet Cosmo Galaxy Macrame Choker Beach Necklace with Hand Carved Conch Shell Pendant holds a Secret Sea Glass Bead that Tinkles Musically as you Walk and Flashes Brilliantly in the Afternoon Sun from within it's Secret Creamy Pink Conch Shell Universe Symbol Chamber.

This Necklace is so well made it can even be worn reversed for a truly unusual look!

The Pendant is 2.5" wide without tail, 3.75" wide including.
Choker Necklace is 16.5 inches long and features Solid Copper 15mm Toggle Clasp

This Choker would look great with your Casual Boho Dress or equally shine in your Fashionably Worn Jeans, Hippie Shirt or Home Made Galaxy T Shirt.

The Carved Design of the Conch Pendant actually represents an Ancient Swirling Depiction of the Galaxy Spiraling it's way across the Universe.

This Necklace was made from Conch Shells Hand Collected by my Husband and Myself, my Husband cut the Pendant from the Heart of the Conch Shell, He then Shaped and Hand Polished it to Perfection. I then used my skills to Select the Design and Create this One of a Kind Jewelry made from All Natural Materials and Built to Last Generations.

Conch and Whelk Shell are considered Spiritual Objects by all Peoples around the World. They have been also used as Money and Signs of High Rank in Primitive Society.

I like to think these Gifts from the Sea Connect with You and Radiate Your Good Feelings Back Out to the Universe. They certainly do have a Grounded, Earthy Feeling that cannot be shown with pictures or described with words. They are very hard to take off or put down.

I Hope This Necklace and Earrings Set brings you all the Goodness in this Life You Need, and my Best Wishes Go With Them to You.

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