Catlinite Pipestone Necklace w Conch Peace Pendant Set

This necklace is dear to my heart, being made from Minesota Pipestone. I am originally from Minnesota and know how precious this wonderful Earth Element is.

Includes Necklace w Pendant, matching Earrings, Bracelet and Wood Gift Box.Terra Cotta Catlinite Pipestone, Green Moss Jasper, Pure Michigan Copper Beads and Hand Carved Beige Florida Conch Shell Peace Sign Pendant ....

Combining Minnesota Pipestone, Michigan Copper, Canadian Jasper and Florida Conch Shell makes this a Very Special Combination that is sure to bring Good Things to the One Who Wears It. I have used the Peace Sign to Symbolize the Importance of All Peoples to Gather with Peace Foremost in Their Minds.

These Pipestone Beads are very rare, I have had them for several years and there doesn't seem to be any more being made. When these run out, there will be no more. Instead of hoarding them, I have decided to share them with those who need them in these unique jewelry creations.

This set would make a great gift, and could even be divided among family members to make three incredible gifts.

Pipe stone is very important to Native and Primitive Peoples, especially that found in Pipestone, Minnesota. It is mined from the Earth by Native Peoples using Ancient Methods and Skillfully Hand Made into Sacred and Meaningful items such as Peace Pipes and Jewelry.

This Necklace is made from Conch Shells Hand Collected by my Husband and Myself, my Husband cuts the beads from the Heart of the Conch Shell Spindle, He then Shapes and Hand Polishes them to Perfection. I then use my skills to Match the Beads, Select the Design and Create this One of a Kind Jewelry made from All Natural Materials and Built to Last Generations.

Conch and Whelk Shell are considered Spiritual Objects by all Peoples around the World. They have been also used as Money and Signs of High Rank in Primitive Society.

I like to think these Gifts from the Earth Connect with You and Radiate Your Good Feelings Back Out to the Universe. They certainly do have a Grounded, Earthy Feeling that cannot be shown with pictures or described with words. They are very hard to take off or put down.

I Hope This Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings Set brings you all the Goodness in this Life You Need, and my Best Wishes Go With Them to You.This Necklace is available in my Etsy Shop HERE.

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