All In a Days Work!

Dress In Progress
Dress Dancing

I just had to take a moment to show off the beautiful 2 hide dress I made for my friend Sheila this winter, she called me and had worn the dress dancing, she was very pleased with the look and fit.

This is normally what I do, I hand sew Pre Contact Woodland Era Elk Hide Clothing. Our Etsy shop just grew out of all the things I have collected over the years and promised to make into something. I love to craft things and it's been fun to make small items instead of wrestling hide!

I also created the shop for Doyle to feature his shell carved pendants and beads, which started out with him just making a pre contact piece for me to wear and grew into a hobby he really enjoys.
We can only carry so much in our RV, so we have to let some of our beloved creations go to deserving owners.

I have been rebuilding all my Blogs today, tweeking this and that, but Blogger is buggy today so it has been an ordeal! Oh well, things always sort themselves out in the end....

Hope you are enjoying making your crafts today, iIm going to work on a shell wind chime as soon as I finish this today!

Happy Crafting!

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