Shells Gone Wild! When a Good Shell goes Bad..

The Bad Boy

Lovely Vintage Seed Beads!
 I am so blessed to have a great assortment of vintage seed beads, I bought a tote full of them more than 15 years ago from a good friend that was selling out her shop to live Full Time on the Road.

I hadn't thought about this until I started working with the beads just this week.

At the time I bought the beads, I was still a highly successful Full Time Graphic Designer at a large publication firm in the Midwest.

There was no thought in my mind at that time of ever leaving my chosen occupation and traveling down life's highway and I remember being curious about the Lady's intentions of giving it all up and just traveling. I couldn't conceive of it and thought the Lady was a bit crazy to give up her home and supposed security to do so.

Funny how things have a way of catching up with you, as I worked on this "Dark Pendant" last night, suddenly that occasion came flooding back into my mind and I had to chuckle at myself.

There we stood in the driveway filled with this Woman's last possessions and her motor home in the process of being fitted out for adventure. She told me her husband had been recently ill and she was going to take him on the road to see those places he always wanted to go but never had time to before his illness.

I marveled at her commitment to her Spouses happiness and her bravery to just pull up and go regardless of the personal risk. I never thought I would do the same, and yet, here I am!


Anyhow, I've been having fun working on my etsy shop, and meeting other Sellers through the Online Lab they held on Friday which lasted all day and was a blast! Even this dog learned new tricks about getting your message out there and had the added bonus of meeting some great people!

Ask the Hubby for shell Tops and He Complies!
The Funnest and nicest Gal I met in the chat room was Creative Carmelina, she has an awesome Shop and an even greater sense of humor! Turns out she has done many Craft Fairs and so we could chat about the do's and don'ts of setting up a stand, it was nice to share experiences and throw our two cents in on the discussions! We lasted all all day through all the discussions on story telling, search engine tactics and marketing in general. A good day well spent! Carmelina also has a great blog worth reading, you might want to follow her and keep up with her very interesting article!

Well, I asked the DH, (Dear Husband) to make me some shell tops to bead and Wow! He sure got some ready for me, as the picture shows above. I will have lots of work ahead of me! He is such a doll to take time from his "Serious" Bead making to help me out...Love you Hun!

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