New! Desk Buddy For Her! The No Tech Communication Device!

Finally! A Feminine Version of the Incredibly Popular Desk Buddy!

This is for the Woman who wants to be taken Seriously in the Corporate Work World, but still wants to retain Her Sense of Elegance and Style in her Personal Communication Device.

Desk Buddy for Her has a Sleeker, Lighter and more Stylish Design reflecting your Inner Sense Of Good Taste in a Plastic Cubicle World!

It's Timeless Classic Lines will compliment any outfit or decor making it the most versatile office accessory ever invented!

It's Half the weight of our Desk Buddy and features more delicate lines But Don't let its Good Looks Fool You, This Device has what it takes to get the job done on deadline and with no chance of lost calls or or missed voice mails so important in today's business dealings!

Desk Buddy for Her has the additional virtue of being COMPLETELY TEAR PROOF! When the BIG BOYS try to put you in you place, just pick up Desk Buddy For Her and pour out your frustrations in a constructive and safe manner, then get back to work and show 'em a Gal can have feelings and still whoop their caved in butts any day of the week!

Desk Buddy For Her WILL NOT TALK BEHIND YOUR BACK and cannot be stolen and harvested for personal information!

Desk Buddy For Her Has all the tremendous features of Desk Buddy:

• No annoying RING TONES

• No Service Contracts

• No Text Notifications

• No Harmful Electronic Fields Causing BRAIN CANCER

• Portable, Compact, Easy To Use

• No Games or Silly Apps

• No Need for Extra Batteries

• Can be used In Flight

• No Loss of Service, works in ALL Areas

• No extra charges for excessive Data Usage

• Always there for you, no matter what time of Day or Night

• Discreet, Assumes the Appearance of an Ordinary Shell when Not in Use

• Cannot Reveal Private Information About You if Lost

• You can hear the FREAKIN' OCEAN!

Be the envy of your office and the owner of the LATEST TECH Device Guaranteed never to be released in a faster, more powerful, sleeker and more user friendly mode EVER!

You can purchase this item at our Etsy Shop Here

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