It's Desk Buddy To the Rescue For all Your Communication Needs!

I have had this little invention on the back burner for some time and finally I have decided it's time has come for release to the general public.

For years I have been using my Desk Buddy and have yet to be disappointed in its performance, ergonomics or tire of it's timeless design.

For those tired of the plastic world all around us, this is the perfect way to communicate your desires and dreams with no fear of having your ideas stolen or your security compromised.

It has a lifetime guarantee and comes with it's cradle charger for no extra charge!

Have a Plastic Desk in a Fiber Board Cubicle? Feel like Florescent Lights are Sucking the Life out of You little by little Everyday? Need to Talk to Somebody Who Cares with No Negative Feedback?

You Need DESK BUDDY The No Tech Communication Device that puts YOU back in charge of you life. Desk Buddy is an Organic Natural Communication Device that has been around for Thousands, nay, Millions of Years, patiently supplying people with what they really need to hear when they need to hear it.

• No annoying RING TONES

• No Service Contracts

• No Text Notifications

• No Harmful Electronic Fields Causing BRAIN CANCER

• Portable, Compact, Easy To Use

• No Games or Silly Apps

• No Need for Extra Batteries

• Can be used In Flight

• No Loss of Service, works in ALL Areas

• No extra charges for excessive Data Usage

• Always there for you, no matter what time of Day or Night

• Discreet, Assumes the Appearance of an Ordinary Shell when Not in Use

• Cannot Reveal Private Information About You if Lost

• You can hear the FREAKIN' OCEAN!

Be the envy of your office and the owner of the LATEST TECH Device Guaranteed never to be released in a faster, more powerful, sleeker and more user friendly mode EVER!

Own The "Pet Rock" of the New Age! 

Desk buddy is available for a limited time at our Etsy Store Here

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