How We Ended Up Here...The Short Version

Us In The Kitchen

 Hi! We are Doyle & Terri Johnson.

We Own A Historic Kitchen Under Canvas and Travel the Country Serving Fry Bread and Root Beer.

Home, Sweet Canvas

We started out living in a Tent Six years ago. Our Home is Just behind us in this Photo. 

How Romantic.

For the First Year anyway.
This was our Home Packed UP
Auction Day

40' Road Warrior Fifth Wheel Trailer

Life Is Suddenly Good

This is Our Home Packed Up In a Trailer. When we were done packing, you couldn't throw a hanky in between the stuff.

OK, we did have a house, but we were never there as we attend Events almost every weekend throughout the year everywhere but near home so our stuff languished without us.

I was getting a bit tired of gazing at the stars through the holes in the top of the canvas overhead so....

We had an Auction and sold our house and all our worldly goods to buy...

THIS. Our Home on Wheels.

Oh yeah, no more sleeping on a cot for THIS GIRL.

Traveling in Style!

We Sneak across the Border Undetected

He's thwarted by our hard sided camper!

Add captio
So, what do you do when you have a home on wheels?

You Go To DISNEYLAND, thats what you do....or at least the State in General, Mickey Mouse kinda creeps me out.

Our New Neighbor. He can't get at us anymore because WE HAVE A HARD SIDE CAMPER...BWAH, HA, HA, HA...ehem...

OK, So here's what you really do when you move to Florida, you go to the Beach.

Oh yeah, that first sunset over the Gulf was SWEET.

One Days Haul, The Findin' was Good!

After the wonderment wore off, we began collecting a few shells.

This is just one days haul. No Kidding.

Hey, I'm from Minnesota, these things are just a figment of the imagination where I come from, all there are on our beaches is ROCKS.

You Want Me To Do WHAT?
So we decorated with them. 

We gave them to our loved ones until they locked the doors and pretended they weren't home.

Then we started packing them in totes until we didn't dare go past the scales with our trailer. Something had to be done.

I turned to my Dear Husband one day and said, "Hey, weren't you a Master Goldsmith, or something like that, like a hundred years ago before we met?"

"Yeeeeeessss..."he answered, "so what?"

Stay Tuned for What Happened next.......

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