From Beadginning To End, Making Conch Shell Beads Part 3

 Using the Flex Shaft, Doyle drills through the bead with a 1/8" diamond rotary bit.

This is the touchy part, you have to drill half way through on one side and then flip it over and drill from the other, trying to meet in the middle without shattering the bead or overheating the bit and shell.

Doyle then puts on a rotary grinding stone bit and shapes each shells exterior.

Here is the shell roughed out..

Here is the shell bead properly shaped.

The bead must next be wet sanded with 600 to 2000 grit sandpaper to it's finished stage, then it gets a good wiping with almond oil to bring out the natural shine.

This what makes shell beads so expensive, for five hours of work you get 4-5 finished beads!

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