From Beadginning To End, Making Conch Shell Beads Part 2

Using a rotary variable speed flex shaft tool, Doyle reaches in and cuts the center spindle off using a Rotary Burr bit.

Using a bone headed hammer, Doyle carefully taps on the shell to break the column loose.

Here is the spindle removed from the inside of the shell, the rest of the shell is laid aside to be cut up into other projects.

The spindle is then sliced using the same ceramic and tile cutting rotary blade into the desired size rough beads.

Beads Ready To Shape!

The average spindle yields about 4 to 5 decent beads. You an see the extra pieces he will make into spacers and pendants, as well as the main shell which could be made into a cup or dish depending on its integrity.

Part 3 Shaping and finishing the beads is HERE.

Doyle's Shell Creations are offered for purchase HERE 

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