From Beadginning To End! Making Conch Shell Beads

The Masked Bandit prepares to Slice & Dice

Properly marked for death

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Here is Doyle all suited up to cut a right handed Whelk Shell. He is wearing all the protective gear needed to insure his safety, a dust mask, (shell dust is VERY bad for the lungs), and tinted safety glasses, plus he is fully clothed.

Here is the shell marked for cutting, each shell has to be evaluated for strength, faults and character to decide how to get the best use out of each piece.

Using a tile and ceramic cut off blade on his Makita angle grinder, Doyle makes the first cut.

Making the second cut, keeping those fingers well away from the work.

After cutting, Doyle removes what has come away on its own. this piece will be used to make a pendant of space later useful bit goes to waste.

The cut out section.

I've separated this article into three sections to save loading time for pictures, Part 2 is HERE.

Doyle's Shell Creations are offered for purchase HERE

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